Thursday, September 30, 2010

Warren's latest project in the chop shop

1948 Commer Q15 pickup, brought a Cab (Charlie S actually told me about it at Trevor’s Birthday party at Dave’s place ages ago, scibbo spotted it on stud road ( near my place) took me 8 months but I put a note in the letter box, the next day the guy rings and says yep we wanna sell it, got it for $200 bucks !

Last weekend picked it up

Hanging off the trailer, lucky it was a short drive home !....and just fitted under the carport, cleaned it all out, got two bags of rubbish and a birds nest from the header panel

I made a trolley to sit the body on, the mocked up with grille and wheel

Firewall sanded, welded and rust proofed, kicked out the dents in the roof (literally) still more work required

The rusty side


Here are some pics after the this weekend,
Brought a 1983 Toyota 2wd hilux chassis on Wednesday last week…. Rolled chassis into backyard Friday night

Friday night put the cab on the chassis, fitted pretty well, channelled it 3 inches,

Saturday put the engine in ( ford 221 with BW35 auto)…should keep early falcons fans happy !...

Mocked up with guards and grille

Gearbox is also in, managed to use the original mount, just needed two holes drilled to accept the ford trans rubber mount

More updates to come….